Musical coincidences # 67

Yesterday I played you a few songs by Sharif Iman from his latest album, Shine (2010). (It was such a marathon post that you may be shaking your head and saying “No more Sharif Iman! For the love of mercy, no more!”)

The last track on Shine is a rocker called “Wake Up”. In the chorus amongst the pummelling drums, distorted guitars, Sharif’s impassioned vocals, and the fist-pumping shouts of “wake up!”, is this guitar riff:

Sharif Iman – “Wake Up” (2010) (excerpt)


As soon as I heard that, the part of my brain that is a huge fan of a particular band instantly perked up and squealed “That sounds just like one of the riffs in ‘Tom Sawyer‘! Oo-wee!”:

A band – “Tom Sawyer (1981) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Sharif Iman – “Wake Up” (2010)


A band – “Tom Sawyer (1981)


Sharif Iman official website
Sharif Iman on MySpace
Sharif Iman on Facebook

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