Song of the day: Steely Dan – "Change Of The Guard"

One excellent guitarist

If you’ll pardon today’s indulgence, I want to play you one of my all-time favourite guitar solos*.

I’m a fan of Steely Dan, and I think this song is great (that’s because it’s by Steely Dan), but the guitar solo in it played by Jeff “Skunk” Baxter is something else. It goes some way to explain why Skunk was so highly sought-after for session work, and why The Doobie Brothers had him in their band for so long. But it doesn’t explain why Mr. Baxter became a consultant for the United States Department of Defense. (That’s something I just don’t get at all. Or, putting it another way: “Huh?”)

Nevertheless, here is Jeff “Skunk” Baxter playing a guitar solo that amazes me every time I hear it:

Steely Dan – “Change Of The Guard” (1972)


(*Remind me to also play you “Midnight At The Oasis” sometime. The guitar solo in that is astounding. A fellow guitarist once said that the solo sounds as if it was played backwards.)


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