Song of the day: Beathoven – "Shy Girl"

Here’s Beathoven with a very cute song:

Beathoven – “Shy Girl” (1978)


By the way, the estimable John Borack, a music critic and power pop nerd extraordinaire, reckons “Shy Girl” was a great single:

25 essential indie power pop 45s

By John M. Borack

With the advent of the do-it-yourself movement (“do” ofen meaning write, perform, record and release) during the mid-70s, a brave new world was unleashed upon consumers of popular music. No longer were record buyers forced to rely upon major labels and Rolling Stone to be their musical eyes and earsl independent imprints with curious names such as Bomp, Stiff and Ork sprng up semingly from out of nowhere, while fanzines and magazines that championed the musical underdog came fast and furious.

Nowhere was the DIY/indie boom more prevalent than in the world of pop and power pop. With visions of the Fab Four, Badfinger and Raspberries dancing in their heads, many artists pumped out two-and-a-half-minute bits of pop heaven like there was no tomorrow. The following list is one writer’s opinion of 25 of the best independent pop 45s that have ever graced a turntable (remember turntables?) {Yup, they still make ’em; 45s too! – Ed.}, along with a few relatively unknown European issues that were lucky enough to see major label release across the pond (yes, that’s cheating).

1. Beathoven – “Shy Girl”/”Does It Matter As Much To You” (Australian EMI, 1978). One of the great, lost pop acts of the late ’70s, Beathoven (who later changed their moniker to The Innocents) released a few great Aussie-only singles that combined lush harmonies with perky melodies. “Shy Girl” was very good teeny-pop, but the sublime “Does It Matter As Much To You” is even better, a beautifully stirring, string-laden ballad with echoes of prime Paul McCartney material.


Here’s the flip-side:

Beathoven – “Does It Matter As Much To You?” (1978)


The Innocents/Beathoven official website


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