Song of the day: Squeeze – "Another Nail In My Heart"

One of the advantages of having a blog is that whenever I buy a CD I can tell people about it and a play a song or two from it.

One of the disadvantages of reading a blog is that you’ll occasionally be accosted by some nitwit who’s bought a CD and wants to tell you about it, thinking that you’d be even remotely interested in it.

By the way, I bought a CD recently…

Here’s a splendid, splendid song from my favourite Squeeze album, the recently remastered (i.e., it sounds better and has more songs on it) Deluxe Edition of Argy Bargy*:

Squeeze – “Another Nail In My Heart” (1980)


And here’s one of the bonus tracks:

Squeeze – “Funny How It Goes” (1980)


Kicking off the Deluxe Edition’s second disc is an enthusiastic radio ad for the album. The chap speaking is Squeeze’s super-enthusiastic pianist, Jools Holland:

Squeeze – “Argy Bargy – Radio Commercial” (1980)


Now, how could you resist buying the album after hearing that?

Squeeze official website
Squeeze on Myspace
Packet Of Three: Squeeze Archive

(*For all you pedantic Squeeze fans** out there, the real name of the album is Argy Bargy, not Argybargy. I’d always thought it was one word – i.e., Argybargy – because that’s what I see on the album cover, but Squeeze’s official website has it listed in its store as Argy Bargy, and throughout the booklet that came with my CD it says Argy Bargy. So, just in case anyone asks, the album is called Argy Bargy.)

(**I’m one of them.)


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