Song of the day: Marykate O’Neil – "Get Down"

It’s been a while since I played you some pure, unadulterated Bubblegummy pop (well, not since December last year).

To correct this awfulness, here’s thoroughly modern musician Marykate O’Neil giving an old 70’s pop hit a new lick of musical paint:

Marykate O’Neil – “Get Down (2002)


The huge advantage of playing you that cover version is this: it gives me the perfect excuse to play you the original, which I adore more than you could possible know:

Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Get Down (1973)


Marykate O’Neil official website
Marykate O’Neil on Facebook
Marykate O’Neil on MySpace

Gilbert O’Sullivan official website
Gilbert O’Sullivan on Facebook
Gilbert O’Sullivan on MySpace

One Response to Song of the day: Marykate O’Neil – "Get Down"

  1. fitzall says:

    One of Gilbert O'Sullivans' (hope the “'” is in the right place!) best. Had 3 of his albums in the 70s & all good.

    He started out in the late 60s as Ray O'Sullivan … guess the name change to Gilbert was catchier. Have sent you one of Rays songs. Don't know when it was recorded but it was released in 1972

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