Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "Big Celebrity"

I don’t know if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, but if you have then you’ll be aware that along with my recent Squeeze fixation I’ve been addicted to an album by an Australian band called Skeleton Staff. The album’s called Solipsism (2010), and since I first heard it a few weeks ago I’ve been playing it daily.

Well, I’m pleased to say that yesterday I didn’t play that Skeleton Staff album. Yay!

In honour of this momentous occasion, here’s Skeleton Staff with “Big Celebrity“:

Skeleton Staff – “Big Celebrity (2010)

By the way, the last time I played you a Skeleton Staff song I suggested they describe their music as “Psyche Power”. (They say they’re “Psyche Rock” – I think they’re “Power Pop”).

Looking back, I can see that “Psyche Power” sounds pretty stupid. How about “Power Psyche” instead? I think that’s much better.

Buy Solipsism at Bandcamp
Skeleton Staff on Facebook
Skeleton Staff on MySpace


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