Song of the day: Dragon – "Love’s Not Enough"

Today’s song was requested by regular reader/commenter pb669 (Hi, pb!). After I posted a song by New Zealand Australian band Dragon, pb669 asked for another one. I’m more than happy to oblige.

Here’s Dragon with their 1979 non-hit “Love’s Not Enough”:

Dragon – “Love’s Not Enough” (1979)


Dragon released this after they had begun their slow slide down the charts after their initial burst of success. It was the first single to be released after they’d sacked their lead singer Marc Hunter and replaced him with somebody else. As far as the fickle Australian music industry was concerned, Dragon’s boat had already sailed. They had their three-year run in the Top 10, and that was that. Little did anyone know that ex-lead singer Marc Hunter would be reinstated a couple of years later, and Dragon would come roaring back up the charts with the irresistible “Rain” (which, rather handily, was Song of the day some time ago).

Although I don’t think it’s a great song, I’m certainly not going to stand in the way of someone else (like pb669) enjoying it. You might like it much more than I did.

Thanks, pb669, for giving people the opportunity to listen to something they probably haven’t heard before.

One Response to Song of the day: Dragon – "Love’s Not Enough"

  1. Dazman says:

    Good work on posting this! Yeah it's not the greatest Dragon effort, but I think fairly ok. It's got that classic Dragon sound. Should've done better than just 40 in the charts…probably about 20 would've been nice. But yes indeed the music industry is fickle!

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