Song of the day: Paul Steel – "In A Coma"

Here’s a song from an album that received nowhere near as many kudos, accolades, plaudits etc – all those things that people give to albums they really like – than I thought it might*:

Paul Steel – “In A Coma” (2008)


The album is Moon Rock, and “In A Coma” is its opening track. To me, it’s a great album. It’s the perfect marriage of Jellyfish and late-60’s Beach Boys – and it was all created by British one-man band Paul Steel. (He’s another one of those wunderkinder who can sing and play everything.) It’s just the kind of thing I enjoy listening to.

I want to play you another track as a bonus, but I’ve had a bit of trouble choosing one because I think that pretty much every song on the album is a highlight. You’ve had an up-tempo song with “In A Coma”. How about something a little more relaxed?

Paul Steel – Hole In Your Heart” (2008)


Okay – you’ve talked me into it. Here’s another one:

Paul Steel – “Oh No! Oh Yeah!” (2008)


Paul Steel official website
Paul Steel blog
Paul Steel on Facebook
Paul Steel on MySpace

(*Maybe other people didn’t like it as much as I did.)


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