Song of the day: The Flies – "Doin’ The Mod"

Oops. Amid the frenzy of Frank’s faves and wishing Thomas Edison a happy birthday, I completely forgot about posting a Song of the day.

So, in a mad scramble to find something quickly, here’s Australian band The Flies, fronted by Australian singer Ronnie Burns, as they engage in a dance that was fashionable at the time:

The Flies – “Doin’ The Mod” (1965)


And here’s the original:

Vandyke & The Bambis – “Doin’ The Mod” (1964)


Before I race off and try to think of a song for tomorrow, I want to let you know what I just found out about Vandyke & The Bambis. I thought it was such a wonderfully odd name for a band that I had to find out more. And I’m glad I did…

Vandyke & The Bambis was led by an English chap called Les Vandyke. I was slightly disappointed to discover that Les Vandyke was his stage name, but his real name more than makes up for that slight disappointment. Les Vandyke’s real name is Yani Panakos Paraskeva Skoradalides. Yani also used a few other stage names – Johnny Worth, John Worth, John Worsley – but Les Vandyke is my favourite.

By the way, I think I’ll dedicate this post to Mr. Suave, purveyor of all things Mod. (Hi, Mr. Suave!)


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