Musical coincidences # 86

Today’s coincidence is a two-for-one deal – i.e., we have two coincidences in the one song. One coincidence involves a guitar riff and the other a drum beat.

The song in question is “I Can’t Stand It” by the Lolas, and it appears on their 2001 album Silver Dollar Sunday. (I’ll tell you why I mentioned that a little later in this post.)

COINCIDENCE 1: The Guitar Riff

There’s a guitar riff in the chorus of “I Can’t Stand It”:

Lolas – “I Can’t Stand It” (2001) (riff in the chorus)


As far as I’m concerned, that sounds sufficiently similar to:

The Beatles – “It Won’t Be Long (1963) (riff in the chorus)


COINCIDENCE 2: The Drum Beat

The drum beat that the Lolas decided to use in “I Can’t Stand It”‘s middle eight is pretty noticeable:

Lolas – “I Can’t Stand It” (2001) (drum beat in the middle eight)


And it reminds me a lot of:

Jellyfish – “The King Is Half-Undressed” (1990) (drum beat)


Which also reminds me of:

Even – “Seconds” (2001) (drum beat in the bit between the verses)


As most Beatles nuts know, those drum beats – and any others that sound remotely like them – all stem from:

The Beatles – “Ticket To Ride (1965) (Ringo’s splendid drum beat)


BONUS COINCIDENCE (involving the Lolas)

Now that we have those two coincidences out of the way, here’s another one involving the Lolas. “I Can’t Wait” is another track from Silver Dollar Sunday. (That’s why I mentioned the album earlier.) Now, before you start thinking that the Lolas did nothing but rewrite bits of other people’s songs for their own nefarious purposes, I’m pleased to tell you that in the album’s 14 songs I found only three coincidences.

Anyway, here’s the melody in the first line of the verse of “I Can’t Go Wrong”:

Lolas – “I Can’t Go Wrong” (2001) (melody in the verse)


For me, all I need to do is change the key of that melody and I can hear this:

Dave Edmunds – “Girls Talk” (1979) (melody in the verse)


Here are the full versions of everything on display today:

Lolas – “I Can’t Stand It” (2001)


Lolas – “I Can’t Go Wrong” (2001)


Even – “Seconds” (2001)


Jellyfish – “The King Is Half-Undressed” (1990)


Dave Edmunds – “Girls Talk” (1979)


The Beatles – “Ticket To Ride (1965)


The Beatles – “It Won’t Be Long (1963)


By the way, Even’s “Seconds” was Song of the day on a lovely sunny day in 2009.

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