Song of the day: Jason Falkner – "Princessa"

This may seems a terribly personal question, and you’re under no obligation to answer it, but:

Do you have album benders?

In other words, do you, when you find an album that you really, really, really like, play it daily – sometimes more than once a day?

If you do, then you’re like me. I’m a chronic “album bender” person. When I fall in love with an album I’ll play it incessantly, playing it a few times a day. (I guess “incessantly” isn’t technically correct, because there will come a time when I won’t play it every day. So I suppose I’d have to say that I play it cessantly. Is there such a word?)

In the world of listening to music, I’d say there are those people who prefer to listen to songs, and there are those other people who prefer to listen to entire albums, from start to finish. I reckon there two kinds of people: album people and singles people. I’m an album people. Oh, and none of this “skipping dud tracks” nonsense either – when I play an album, I play the whole thing from start to finish.

All of the above is a pointlessly long-winded way of saying that today’s song is a result of me listening frequently to the most recent album by Jason Falkner, All Quiet On The Noise Floor (2009). Jason’s an America power pop doyen (he has a prestigious lineage) who’s released quite a few albums. In the past, Jason’s music had never really ‘clicked’ with me before, but this album did. In a big way. I’m having a lot of trouble staying away from it. And it’s the reason why today’s Song of the day is by a non-Australian musician:

Jason Falkner – “Princessa” (2009)


While you were listening to that, I snuck off and played the album again. Yep. I’ve got Falkner Fever.

Incidentally, last month I had it bad for Skeleton Staff’s Solipsism and played that an inordinate amount of times, too. (My media player tells me that I’ve listened to Solipsism 26 times so far.) And this month it’s Mr. F*. Who knows what it’ll be next month?

Jason Falkner official website
Jason Falkner on Facebook
Jason Falkner on MySpace

(*An in-joke for Arrested Development fans.)

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