Song of the day: Athletes In Paris – "Borrowed Time"

Peter’s Aural Mystery Tour: Day 4

And we continue our journey along the pleasant byways of bands I’ve never heard of before with Athletes In Paris, a band from Newcastle.

When I saw that they were from Newcastle I thought “Excellent – an Australian band this time.” But when I started listening to the song and heard the lead singer’s pretty strong accent, I had a feeling that the Newcastle they were talking about wasn’t the one in the Australian state of New South Wales. I checked their MySpace page and found that they’re from Newcastle, England.

What I think they sound like: a dancey rock band. (I was going to describe them as “Scissor Sisters Without The Camp” but thought that may be a tad unfair to both bands.)

Athletes In Paris – “Borrowed Time” (2011)


Athletes In Paris on MySpace
Athletes In Paris on Facebook


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