Song of the day: The Bynars – "How Does It Feel To Be In Love?"

An extremely helpful chap by the name of Matt (Hi, Matt!) has alerted me to a band I’d never heard of before. (Thanks, Matt!)

Here are a couple of whizzo (translation: I like ’em) songs by American band The Bynars:

I like ’em.

Incidentally, I have a slight suspicion that whoever1 named the band likes Star Trek. According to the world of Star Trek (a world I don’t inhabit), Bynars are a race of aliens2. This is what they look like:

I just thought you’d like to know.

The Bynars official website
The Bynars on Facebook
The Bynars on Twitter
The Bynars on MySpace
The Bynars at Bandcamp
The Bynars on Sonicbids


(2And to Bynars, Earthlings would be aliens.)


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