Song of the day: The Posies – "Dream All Day"

The other day I was out and about in an automobile, listening to local radio station Three D Radio (they play a fabulous variety of music). While I was listening, “Dream All Day” by The Posies came on, and I thought “Wow – I haven’t heard that in ages. I’d forgotten what a great song it is.” It also reminded me of the album it’s on: 1993’s Frosting On The Beater. And then I remembered a comment somebody once made, saying that the album started with one of the best pairs of songs to ever open a rock album. (I think they called it a “1-2 punch”.) I’d agree with that.

So, my humble request today is for you to listen – as nature (and The Posies) intended – to the first two tracks on Frosting On The Beater:

The PosiesFrosting On The Beater – Tracks 1 and 2


Yep: a great pair of songs to open a rock album.

Track three is no slouch, either. It’s called “Flavor Of The Month“, and it sounds a little like this:

The Posies – “Flavor Of The Month (1993)


Oh, and speaking of those three tracks…

I’m guessing that the band’s record company had confidence in what it heard, because all three tracks were chosen to be the album’s singles. Track 1 (“Dream All Day”) was the first single, track 2 (“Solar Sister”) was the second, and track 3 (“Flavor Of The Month”) the third. There’s quality radio programming right there, folks.

Thank you, Three D Radio, for playing “Dream All Day” on that particular day at that particular time while I was in an automobile listening to Three D Radio.


3 Responses to Song of the day: The Posies – "Dream All Day"

  1. stonefish55 says:

    Hmmmmmm ……. – you know how I hate to be critical Pete, and I'll concede that everybody is entitled to his, or her, opinion – but the person who muttered that those two songs were the best two songs to ever open a rock album has rocks in his, or her head. I don't mind a little Posies, but first of all – I would never call them a rock band – maybe powerpop, and secondly, I have two thousand rock albums which have a minimum of two start-off songs that are better than anything the Posies ever did. Okay – that's only my opinion, but there is no way known that those two songs are the best two songs to ever lead off a “rock” album and I know you're just the messenger, but BLOODY HELL – he, or she, was just plain wrong!!!

    Other than that – hey, even though I've vented, I didn't mind the tracks.

    Carry on.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, Stonebone: I just read your comment, and I must give you a hearty thanks. It made me laugh out loud.

    I absolutely adore how varied the experience of listening to music can be from person to person (“It's great!” “It sucks!” etc), and I'd completely forgotten that not everyone loves – or even likes – The Posies.

    I thoroughly welcome your opinions, Stonewizard. Be they the result of love, hate, euphoria, disgust, disapproval, disillusion, discombobulation or even “Meh”, keep 'em comin'!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Peter!!! Spot on… killer opening combo!!!!
    What a fresh sounding album, and its almost 20 years old!

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