Song of the day: Title Tracks – "All Tricks"

Today’s “Hey, would you mind playing my songs on your blog?” artist is an American gentleman by the name of John Davis (Hi, John!) who’s the main man behind the band Title Tracks (i.e., John Davis is Title Tracks, and Title Tracks is John Davis).

John presented me with some tracks from his latest album, In Blank, which is his second one as Title Tracks. John says that this second effort is more punk and less pop than his first.

Seeing the word “punk”, I feared that the music would be an avalanche of frenzied drumming, ineptly played distorted guitars, and no tunes. I was relieved that the music was only a bit punky, and not enough to cause me to run from the room screaming. It’s “punk” in the sense of it being what I’d call “cheerful amateurism”. The music on In Blank is that low-fi, DIY recording style typified by artists such as Television, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, and especially Jonathan Richman. It’s the kind of music-making that seems to have gone out of fashion now that people have access to home studio software that can make their recordings sound very polished and completely fault-free. Adding to the “I did it myself” vibe was John’s decision to record the whole thing in mono. (Maybe it wasn’t an artistic choice. I can imagine John exclaiming “I couldn’t afford stereo!”)

OK. That’s enough of distracting paragraphs. To the music!

Title Tracks – “All Tricks” (2011)


Title Tracks – “It’s Wrong” (2011)


Title Tracks – “Clench Your Fist (A Little Closer To Me)” (2011)


Listen to more Title Tracks tracks at Soundcloud
Buy In Blank on iTunes
Buy In Blank at Dischord Records
Title Tracks official blog
Title Tracks on MySpace
Title Tracks on Facebook
Title Tracks biography at Dischord Records


2 Responses to Song of the day: Title Tracks – "All Tricks"

  1. beyesn says:

    I live near Washington, DC where Title Tracks (umm, I mean John Davis ) hails from. This is a great CD. While I do like the debut CD the band put out last year better, this one is very high quality. I do kind of wish it were as clear, less lo-fi, and in stereo, like the first CD. But still….”Light Sleepers” is my favorite track on In Blank. Go out and get it!

  2. Peter says:

    Can do, beyesn.

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