Song of the day: Sloan – "Underwhelmed"

This will almost certainly be of no interest to anyone, but today’s non-Australian song is here because I’ve finally started my Sloan record collection.

I’m the kind of music person who, if he enjoys some music by an artist, will buy everything they’ve recorded. In other words, I’m a completist. (Which would make my favourite bands the ones that only released a few albums.) As for Sloan: although I haven’t heard much from this unstoppable Canadian music production machine*, what I have heard I’ve enjoyed – so I thought I might as well start from the start.

Anyway, I bought Sloan’s first album, Smeared, a couple of weeks ago. I must admit that I don’t like it much. (Ah, well. The CD didn’t cost a lot, so I ain’t complainin’.) I’m glad they’ve made more albums, because their later stuff is what I’ve heard, and I think (judging from the first album) that they improved immeasurably – which makes the prospect of buying their entire output is something I’ll be enjoying, not dreading.

I want to like Sloan’s first album more, but I’m finding it difficult because I think it’s a bit of a stinker. Not awful – it’s just not that great or memorable.

Here’s the only song on the album I like (so far):

Sloan – “Underwhelmed (1992)


Trivia: the vocal harmonies at 2:24 are simply dreadful.

(*Do you know how many albums, EPs and singles Sloan have released in their 20 years? I’ll tell you: squillions. That’s right: squillions.)


2 Responses to Song of the day: Sloan – "Underwhelmed"

  1. Old_Davy says:

    Don't give up on Sloan! Their latest “The Double Cross” is fantastic. I also recommend “Never Hear The End of It”. Two great power pop albums!

    By the way, the song that got me hooked on Sloan was “Money City Maniacs”.

  2. Peter says:

    I won't, Young_Davy. I have nine Sloan albums at the moment, and have so far heard about half of them.

    (Half? That can't be right. Half of 9 is 4½. Who listens to 4½ albums?)

    The two albums you mention – The Double Cross and Never Hear The End Of It – are two of the ones I have. According to my media player I haven't heard The Double Cross yet, but apparently I've listened to Never Hear The End Of It once. (I must admit that I don't remember listening to it at all.)

    I really should pay more attention to my music collection.

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