Song of the day: The Strangers – "Western Union"

Today’s song is sort of a request. Sort of.

Some time ago (I don’t know when), I was emailed by somebody (I don’t know who) about The Strangers.

Hang on…

This post isn’t starting well at all. I’m going to have to go through my emails to see who sent me that message. Hang on…

OK. I’ve just found the email. It’s by someone called Russell (hi, Russell!).

Russell mentioned that he saw a video of The Five Americans on The Steve Allen Show in 1967 performing “Western Union” – this video, to be precise:

Russell saw the video in a “Frank’s Faves on Fridays” post on this blog (hi, Frank!).

The video reminded Russell of an Australian band from the 60’s called The Strangers and how they’d also recorded a version of it.

Now, Russell didn’t ask to hear The Strangers’ version of “Western Union”, but I’m keen on playing it – not because it’s a great cover version (I don’t think it is) but because it has a bit of audio tacked on to the end of it that I think is a pretty bizarre thing to put at the end of a song.

So, here are The Strangers with “Western Union” and the added bonus at the end of the song:

The Strangers – “Western Union” (1967)



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