Song of the day: Nushu – "Precious To Me"

Back when Blogger deleted the previous incarnation of this blog, I received a wonderfully consolatory email from my friend, the redoubtable Dr. Keats. When I had told him earlier that Blogger deleted my blog, the good doctor gave me one of those “Chin up, old chap!” pep talks, and recommended a song to lighten my presumably dark mood. I must admit that I don’t have dark moods (I was born an optimist), but I was grateful nevertheless that the Special K thought enough to say “Howdy!”.

This is the song Dr. Keats recommended:

Nushu – “Precious To Me” (2011)


I’m very glad he recommended that particular song, because: a) I think it’s a splendid version; and b) I’d never heard of Nushu before. (I like what I’ve heard.)

By the way, I’ve just found out that Dr. Keats has created a brand new shiny blog of his own. I’m pleased to report that Dr. Keats’ blog focuses on music. Yay! (Beware: In addition to music, it has cats.) I’ve also discovered that the first in his series of “Music You Should Check Out” posts is… Nushu’s “Precious To Me”. Oops.

Ah well. I’ve already typed this post, and I don’t want to untype it.

Anyway, here’s the original:

Phil Seymour – “Precious To Me” (1980)


Nushu official website
Nushu on MySpace
Nushu on Facebook


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