Song of the day: James Gang – "Midnight Man"

I’m currently listening to the James Gang’s Best Of and enjoying approximately half of it. I haven’t heard most of those song in years and hardly remember them, but one that I do remember well – and still like an awful lot – is “Midnight Man”. It’s yummy:

James Gang – “Midnight Man (1971)



2 Responses to Song of the day: James Gang – "Midnight Man"

  1. FD13NYC says:

    Being in the Eagles aside, Joe Walsh was always one of my favorite guitarists. Some of the James Gang stuff was very good as well as choice cuts from his solo catalog. Good song, good pick Peter.

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks, FD13NYC. Yep, I like Joe Walsh a lot, too. (I think it's his “goofy” persona that I find endearing. He's like the Eagles' Ringo.)

    Because you and I both like Mr. Walsh, you've got me in the mood to play “Life's Been Good“, a track I adore. I think I'll make it a Song of the day sometime.

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