Song of the day: 10cc – "You’ve Got A Cold"

Like yesterday (and the day before that), today’s post will yet again feature the musings of the 20-year-old jetsetter of the household. (Hi, Celeste!)

Celeste has grown a little tired of the Japanese and Korean pop music she’s been listening to, and has decided to delve into 1970s pop (or as Celeste put it: “I feel like listening to 70s pop. What do you recommend?”). It probably started last week when Celeste heard 10cc‘s “The Things We Do For Love” on the radio. She – like me a few decades ago – fell for the melodies, the harmonies, the variety within the song, and basically the overall loveliness of it all. Now, because Celeste wasn’t especially familiar with 10cc I thought I’d play her a few of their songs to see what she thought of the band overall. I played “The Things We Do For Love” first, mainly because I wanted to hear it again. Because that song is on the band’s fifth album, Deceptive Bends, I played Celeste a couple of other songs from it. I then played her a couple of songs from their second album, Sheet Music. I thought at the time that might be enough. But then I remembered some other 10cc songs that I love, and played those to Celeste, too. And then I remember some more, and played those as well.

Unfortunately for Celeste, after each track I thought to myself “Right, that’ll be the last one” but as soon as it finished I wanted to play Celeste just one more. This lasted an hour. I was glad that Celeste didn’t mind. The exceedingly perceptive 20-year-old said that she thoroughly enjoyed what she heard, and asked for those 10cc albums to go on her MP3 player. And after I’d played all those 10cc songs, Celeste said the words that music nerds love to hear: “What else do you recommend?”…

Celeste’s MP3 player is now full of 70’s pop.

Although “The Things We Do For Love” was suggested for the blog, I thought that might be a bit too ‘soft’, even though I love the song and would love everyone to hear it. Instead, I decided to go with something a little beefier from Deceptive Bends.

Here now is a song that isn’t “The Things We Do For Love”:

10cc – “You’ve Got A Cold” (1977)


As a bonus, here’s Celeste’s original request anyway (it’s only fair):

10cc – “The Things We Do For Love” (1977)


Incidentally, the other young’un in the household, 15-year-old Natalie (Hi, Natalie!), requests songs for the blog from time to time, but the ones Natalie tends to ask for are by people such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus et al – i.e., Disney pop moppets. Unfortunately for Natalie, I don’t like any of those songs by the pop moppets, and I really don’t want to inflict ’em on you. However, Natalie did request a song that I didn’t go “Eeewwww” when she suggested it. It’s not power pop in the slightest (or even Australian), but it’s a fun song from the 80’s and I’ll make it tomorrow’s song. Brace yourself…


3 Responses to Song of the day: 10cc – "You’ve Got A Cold"

  1. Curty Ray says:

    Nice one, although my fave from this album is Feel The Benefit, Pt. 1-3. Couldn't tell you why though.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, Curty Ray: I loveFeel The Benefit, Pt. 1-3“.

    When you say “I couldn't tell you why” it's your favourite song on the album, I reckon it'd be due to one of two things:

    1. You don't know why – to which I say: “Fair enough. Music sure is a mystery sometimes.”

    2. You do know why but the reason's too personal to mention online – to which I say: “Fair enough. Life sure is a mystery sometimes.”

  3. Curty Ray says:

    It is just one of those things. The first time I heard it it just clicked.

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