Song of the day: Teen Machine – "Hot Mom"

September 30, 2011

Fountains Of Wayne weren’t the only band to write a song about teenagers lusting after other people’s mothers…

Teen Machine – “Hot Mom (2000)


And here’s the Fountains Of Wayne song:

Fountains Of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom (2003)


By the way, I didn’t think those two songs were enough for a Musical coincidence. For me, they’re more of a conceptual coincidence rather than a musical one.

Musical coincidences # 130

September 29, 2011

Today’s coincidence involves nothing more than a chromatic scale – in one of the songs it goes up and in t’ other it goes down. Apart from that, these two songs have only one thing in common: I love ’em.

The one that goes up:

Wings – “Rock Show (1975) (excerpt)


The one that goes down:

Cheap Trick – “Clock Strikes Ten (1978) (excerpt)


And the full versions:

Wings – “Rock Show (1975)


Cheap Trick – “Clock Strikes Ten (1978)


Song of the day: Fountains Of Wayne – "The Summer Place"

September 29, 2011

Fountains Of Wayne have made a video for “The Summer Place”, the opening song on their latest album, Sky Full Of Holes.

Beware: the video is very cinematic, which may mean one of two things to you…

1) It’s wonderfully artistic
2) It’s terribly pretentious

Fountains Of Wayne – “The Summer Place” (2011)


By the way, I went looking for a photo of the band to show at the top of this post (I like you to have something to look at while you’re listening to the music), so I toodled off to the band’s website. I didn’t like the three official photos there because the chaps looks incredibly serious:

Don’t they enjoy playing music anymore?

Anyway, I went with the album cover instead. (I’d much rather see that than a bunch of sourpusses.)

Sidenote: That middle photo reminded me of this.

Fountains Of Wayne official website
Fountains Of Wayne on MySpace
Fountains Of Wayne on Facebook
Fountains Of Wayne on Twitter
Fountains Of Wayne at the All Music Guide

Song of the day: Tim Reid – "Only One"

September 28, 2011
[A picture of an album cover by Tim Reid
used to be here until Blogger complained
see below]

After the loud head-pounding songs I inflicted upon you in the last few days, it’s time to relax a little.

Here’s Australian troubadour Tim Reid with a somnambulistic low-key and thoughtful song from his latest 4-track EP, Only One:

Update 1 (Tuesday 4 October): I had an MP3 of “Only One” by Tim Reid in this spot but it seems that someone, somewhere, somehow didn’t want me to share it with you because Blogger sent me a none-too-friendly message saying that something (they never tell you exactly what the naughty part of the post is – see Update 2 below) was a big no-no.

And if you want to hear the whole thing:

Update 2: Here’s the message from Blogger in its entirety. I would love them to tell me specifically what was wrong with this post…

Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to \”draft\” status. (If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.) This means your post – and any images, links or other content – is not gone. You may edit the post to remove the offending content and republish, at which point the post in question will be visible to your readers again.

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The Blogger Team

Affected URLs:


Tim Reid official website
Tim Reid on MySpace
Tim Reid at Popboomerang Records

Song of the day: Grand Atlantic – "Central Station Blues"

September 27, 2011

I’ve just noticed that the previous two Songs of the day have been from the 80’s. In an effort to modernise this ol’ blog, I’ll play you a song by Grand Atlantic from their latest album, Costellations:

Grand Atlantic – “Central Station Blues” (2011)

Now I feel up to date.

Grand Atlantic official website
Grand Atlantic on MySpace
Grand Atlantic on Facebook
Grand Atlantic on Twitter

Musical coincidences # 129

September 26, 2011

Today’s coincidence appears as a result of me regularly visiting Stonefish’s Music Blog. (Hi, Stonemaster!) A recent post featured a song by someone called Eden Kane. When I heard how the song started…

Eden Kane – “Boys Cry” (1964) (excerpt)


…it immediately occurred to me that if you slowed that down a bit and took out a note or two, you could end up with this:

Billy J. Kramer – “From A Window (1964) (excerpt)



Here are the full versions:

Eden Kane – “Boys Cry” (1964)


Billy J. Kramer – “From A Window (1964)


Thanks, Stoneman, for graciously allowing me to borrow yer MP3 for illustration purposes today.

I like sharing.

Song of the day: A band – "Siren (Never Let You Go)"

September 26, 2011

Here’s a band I won’t mention by name – mainly because I get into trouble whenever I mention the name – with a song played at breakneck speed.

If you don’t like this particular band, don’t worry – the song will be over in two-and-a-half minutes:

A band Blogger doesn’t like me mentioning – “Siren (Never Let You Go) (1983)