Song of the day: Ikey Mo – "You Don’t Say"

This won’t be of interest to anyone but me (and maybe the members of Perth band Ikey Mo), but I finally bought Ikey Mo’s EP, Beginner’s Guide To Self-Defence, after hunting for it all over the place.

Up until I received the disc in the mail and put it in the CD player, I’d only ever heard “Evil Knievel“, but had heard it so many times (thanks, Internet!) that I said to myself “I gotta buy the CD that song’s on”. So I did.

Here’s one of the tracks on the EP that isn’t “Evil Knievel”:

Ikey Mo – “You Don’t Say” (2002)



9 Responses to Song of the day: Ikey Mo – "You Don’t Say"

  1. Hey Peter. I first heard the term “Ikey Mo” not that long ago. In the 1972 Aus file “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie”

    I asked someone who was involved with the film what that term meant. He replied “Ikey-mo was a common anti-Semitic expression for many years” I had no idea!

  2. FD13NYC says:

    Hey Peter, no Divshare link?

  3. Peter says:

    Hey, FD13NYC: It seems that DivShare is currently down for maintenance. They state on their home page that “We'll be right back!”, so I guess some (or all) of the links here ain't gonna be a-workin' for a while. Ah well. Hopefully it won't be too long.

  4. Peter says:

    Hey, David: I had no idea about the unsavoury origin of the phrase “Ikey Mo” either. I thought it may have had something to do with “Iko Iko“, but now that I'm aware of the possibility that 'Ikey Mo' means something something mean, I'm not especially keen on shouting that name to people.

    (By the way, I resisted the urge to use the easiest joke imaginable to respond to your comment. When you had mentioned what the term 'Ikey Mo' meant, I was going to respond with “You don't say!”. Now that is one tepid joke.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The main dude (singer) from this band came out to Melbourne about six years ago and cobbled together a new version of the band of which I played three shows with and cut a demo…winter of 2005 from memory. It was cool playing the songs on the ep and he had one or two other good tunes up his sleeve but it was a bit sad watching the dude trying to get a record deal in his late 30s. Does anyone know what he is doing now?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I knew Chris when he lived in Perth, and stayed with him when he was living in Melbourne, and loved his music, particularly the song Orpheus, which I think was inspired by a French film he loved. Although the provenance of the term 'Ikey Mo' is clearly concerning, there is simply no way that he had any racist tendencies at all. The last I heard he was making a living repairing guitars.

  7. Theres another song by Ikey Mo called ‘On Top Of the World’ not on the EP, if anyone needs it just contact me.

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