Song of the day: Flaming Youth – "Changes"

Today’s song – and revelation – appears courtesy of my favourite Adelaide radio station, Three D Radio.

I was out with the family the other day, and as they went off to do some shopping that I don’t engage in*, I sat cheerfully in the car listening to the Three D Radio’s “Obscured By…” program which highlights rock music rarely heard anywhere, let alone on a radio. One of the songs played during my time in the car intrigued me. It was a prog rock track that had very poppy tunes. (Now, that’s what I’d call rare.) When the announcer said what it was, and who was in the band, I said “Wow”.

The announcer mentioned that the band was Flaming Youth (no relation to the Kiss song), an English prog rock band that released one album (Ark 2) in 1969 and then promptly disappeared. The announcer also mentioned that the person who played drums and sang on it was Phil Collins, who was 18 when the band recorded the album. Phil Collins. 18.

Flaming Youth – “Changes” (1969)



By the way, the distinctly prog-rock rhythms in the first section of “Changes” reminded me of another prog ditty:

(*They were shopping for stuff that doesn’t interest me because it wasn’t music or books or DVDs.)


One Response to Song of the day: Flaming Youth – "Changes"

  1. fitzall says:

    The things you find on your blog! I purchased this album in '69 on the advice of my local record store (Polites Radio & Music, Pascoe Vale, Victoria) .. I was told they'd be 'the next big thing' … didn't happen! The album cover was a fold-out with the front cover not unlike a stained-glass window … very hip for the time.

    The concept album told the story of the earth coming to an end & Ark2 (a rocket ship) heading to places unknown; The liner notes state 'though circumstances change, mans dilemma does not' … really heavy stuff!

    From the catchy 1st track 'Guide Me, Orion' thru 'The Planets' (a mandatory 12 minutes opus for concept albums)to 'Space Child', the album is fantastic.

    Of course, the album was in Stereo but was 'also playable in mono' … gotta love trhe 60s

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