Song of the day: Fountains Of Wayne – "The Summer Place"

Fountains Of Wayne have made a video for “The Summer Place”, the opening song on their latest album, Sky Full Of Holes.

Beware: the video is very cinematic, which may mean one of two things to you…

1) It’s wonderfully artistic
2) It’s terribly pretentious

Fountains Of Wayne – “The Summer Place” (2011)


By the way, I went looking for a photo of the band to show at the top of this post (I like you to have something to look at while you’re listening to the music), so I toodled off to the band’s website. I didn’t like the three official photos there because the chaps looks incredibly serious:

Don’t they enjoy playing music anymore?

Anyway, I went with the album cover instead. (I’d much rather see that than a bunch of sourpusses.)

Sidenote: That middle photo reminded me of this.

Fountains Of Wayne official website
Fountains Of Wayne on MySpace
Fountains Of Wayne on Facebook
Fountains Of Wayne on Twitter
Fountains Of Wayne at the All Music Guide

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