Song of the day: Neon – "He’s A Whore"

October 31, 2011

I’m a fan of American power-pop band Cheap Trick, and I’m a fan of Australian power-pop band Neon, so when Neon covers a Cheap Trick song I come to the conclusion that this is A Very Good Thing:

Neon – “He’s A Whore (2005)


And the original:

Cheap Trick – “He’s A Whore (1977)


Neon on MySpace
Cheap Trick official website
Cheap Trick on MySpace

Musical coincidences # 138

October 31, 2011

Today’s coincidence involves only about four notes – but I noticed it, so here it is.

Long May You Run” starts its verses with this vocal melody:

The StillsYoung Band – “Long May You Run (1976) (excerpt)


Slow it down a bit and I reckon you have yourself something very much like the vocal melody at the start of the verses in “Celluloid Heroes“:

The Kinks – “Celluloid Heroes (1972) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

The StillsYoung Band – “Long May You Run (1976)


The Kinks – “Celluloid Heroes (1972)


Song of the day: Grand Atlantic – "Theme Song For The Day"

October 30, 2011

Today’s song by Grand Atlantic sits unobtrusively and unheralded-ly in the band’s early, early EP (it was their first official release). I think the song is too good to languish in Obscure EP Land. I think it deserves to be extracted from that EP and placed front and centre on a blog so that people can hear it and say “Hey, that’s not a bad song – what’s it doing stuck in an obscure EP?”:

Grand Atlantic – “Theme Song For Today (2006)

Buy Smoke & Mirrors at…
Bandcamp (Free download, or $3 for the CD which is an absolute bargain – that’s where I bought it)
Popboomerang Records (CD $5)
iTunes ($6.99 but it’s not a CD)
JB Hi-Fi (CD $8.99)
Sanity (CD $11.99) (CD $15.51)

Musical coincidences # 137

October 30, 2011

I’d like to thank the Powerpopaholic blog for today’s coincidence (hi, Aaron!). PP-aholic recently had a mini-review of a new album by British band Rhode Island, and he said that one song, “A House“, reminded him of Field Music. I’m a big huge ginormous fan of Field Music, so when PPA compared Rhode Island to them I felt compelled to have a listen to this British band with an American name*. I didn’t think “A House” was very Field Music-y, but I did enjoy it. In the song I heard this melody:

Rhode Island – “A House (2011) (excerpt)


The contour of that melody reminded me of:

Squeeze – “Piccadilly” (1982) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Rhode Island – “A House (2011)

Squeeze – “Piccadilly” (1982)


(*Yet another band with a geographically misleading name. There’s also a British band called Athletes In Paris, and an Australian band called Architecture In Helsinki, and another Australian band called Birds Of Tokyo. Grrr.)

Song of the day: Joe Giddings – "MorningXCoke"

October 29, 2011

Today’s artist is Joe Giddings who describes himself as “a producing, arranging, jingle writing, film scoring musician”.

Now, these are jingles I’d be happy to hear on the radio:

Joe Giddings – “MorningXCoke” (2011)

Joe Giddings on Soundcloud
Joe Giddings on Hyped Sound

Musical coincidences # 136

October 29, 2011

Today’s coincidence involves a Swedish power pop band called The Mop Tops and an Australian band I get into trouble (from Blogger) whenever I mention their name.

During the course of listening to a power-pop compilation album the song by The Mop Tops popped up*. It starts like this:

The Mop Tops – “Two Green Eyes” (2007) (excerpt)


That reminded me of how the other song starts:

An Australian band I’d rather not mention by name – “Dreamworld” (1988) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions I don’t want to supply you with the full version of the song by The Mop Tops because it appears on a charity album. The album is Sweet Relief, and the proceeds go to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The makers of the compilation, however, have provided the full song on their MySpace page:

The Mop Tops – “Two Green Eyes” (2007)
Two Green Eyes THE MOP TOPS
Buy Sweet Relief from Jam Records
Buy Sweet Relief from Not Lame

An Australian band I’d rather not mention by name – “Dreamworld” (1988)


Incidentally, with that track by The Mop Tops I wasn’t terribly keen on the singer’s “I’ll try to sound like Nick Lowe” vocals. (Unless that is the singer’s actual singing voice – in which case I apologise to the singer and say “Hey, did you know your singing reminds me of Nick Lowe?”) Now, because the vocal delivery was in that Lowe-esque, relaxed kind of drawl, I thought that when he sang the first line of the song instead of it being the correct “two green eyes is…” my brain heard it as “two green asses”. That prompted me to picture two nudists sitting on a lawn. I didn’t want to picture that.

(*The last few words of that sentence sound rather awkward. Sorry about that. Please don’t try to say “the mop tops popped up” out loud.)

Song of the day: Matthew Sweet – "Sick Of Myself"

October 28, 2011

Whenever I’m in the mood for a mid-tempo pop song with the guitars dialled all the way up to “cheerfully obnoxious”, this is what I usually want to hear:

[Advice: for maximum effect, you may want to listen to this at maximum volume]

Matthew Sweet – “Sick Of Myself” (1995)


Before I finish this post, I just want to mention what may be an alarming trend* for musicians on Wikipedia. The photo for Señor Sweet on his Wikipedia page is what I’d describe as less than flattering (translation: it’s dreadful). It’s this:

And it really doesn’t help that the original photo is 1713 x 1147 pixels. (In other words: enormous.)

To the person who put that photo on the page: What were you thinking?

Matthew Sweet official website
Matthew Sweet on MySpace
Matthew Sweet on Facebook

(*I think it could be a trend because Wikipedia used a less-than-flattering photo for hotshot guitarist Eric Johnson, too. I’m aware of this because I put Eric’s music on the blog some time ago, back when I was in a hotshot-instrumentalist phase, and happened to notice how ghastly Eric’s photo was – and still is.)