Song of the day: Bev Harrell – "One In A Million"

I’m pleased to say that this is the 1111th post of this blog.

So, to celebrate the 1111th instance of me prattling on about nonsense, may I present to you – with tongue firmly in cheek – today’s ditty:

Bev Harrell – “One In A Million” (1968)



4 Responses to Song of the day: Bev Harrell – "One In A Million"

  1. stonefish55 says:

    How refreshing to hear Bev's tones oozing out of my speakers again. It was a top 10 hit in my neck of the woods.

    Thanks for that Pierre.

    It also reminded me that I've never tracked down a Bev Harrell's Greatest Hits, so that might just be my task for the day.

  2. Peter says:

    Excellent, Stonebeveller. I must admit that I'd completely forgotten about Ms. Harrell's music until I had a look in my music collection for an Australian song with at least one “one” in it for today's post. (I was really hoping to find a song that had “1111” in it but there was nothing. Ah well.)

    By the way, I can help you out if you have any trouble finding Bev's music.

  3. t says:

    Thanks 1 and a million for the memories.
    “Tongue in cheek” not withstanding, I was madly in love with the very petite Bev Harrell As an early teen, I thought she was georgeous and sounded like a dream. I wore out 2 copies of “What am I doing here with you” wishing she was there with me, but managed to get a third copy which eventually surrendered due to excessive use.
    I found Ms Harrell in an early “Hill's hoist” add on U-tube and an OMG ancient music vid of her singing “What am I doing here with you” in which the camera takes up a significant portion of the screen.
    I hunted for her (digital) music in op shops, second hand shops, cash converters, music stores on-line and everywhere else I went periodically over recent years, with all my searching and enquiries returning “nothing except bemused looks and “not an artist likely to be digitised” Until last December,that is… I came across a 60's box set at Target that included “What am I doing here with you” I had to read the song title and her name several times before I believed it and then, I bought the whole 5cd box set for that 1 Bev Harrell song.
    Ha, ha, the things we do, even for the memory of love. Goes to show, patience and consistency does pays off (or drive you stark raving crazy)
    No-one goes shopping with me anymore as I've spent hours checking s/hand cd's, box sets and compilations everywhere I go for years….
    If anyone knows where I can obtain more of Bev Harrells' music I would genuinely be most grateful
    laughs on and at me…

    add 2 email

  4. Peter says:

    Hey, t: The tongue was in the cheek because of my pretentiousness at using “One In A Million” to declare this blog's monumentalosity.

    I know what you mean when you describe Bev as “gorgeous and sounded like a dream” – as a whippersnapper in the late 1960's I felt the same way about Mary Hopkin. (Those Were The Days indeed.)

    Before I posted “One In A Million” I looked on YouTube for a video of it (as I do with any Song of the day. There wasn't one, but I didn't even think to look for any other videos featuring Bev. Thanks for letting me know about the Hills Hoist ad. I just watched the video and can see why you were so enamoured with her – what a cutie! I also watched the video for “What Am I Doing Here With You” but can't figure out why someone back then decided to have Bev positioned in front of a camera that was bigger than her. Very odd.

    By the way, I know exactly where you're coming from when you talk about shopping for music. I lose track of time whenever I'm standing in front of racks and racks of records, and if I'm with the family I'll frequently hear “Can we go now?” Unfortunately for the rest of the family, I'm also like that in book stores – especially secondhand ones.

    Anyway, I've found a heap o' songs by Bev and I'll email you as soon as they've finished uploading.

    Until then, have fun!

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