Song of the day: Fitzroy Xpress – "Samantha"

Today’s song appears here because of a local community television station, 44 Adelaide. (I think 44 Adelaide is what American folk call “cable TV”.)

There are two two programs on Adelaide 44 I watch regularly: Songwriters Across Australia, which highlights unsigned Australian musicians; and Guitar Gods And Masterpieces, which features a plethora of six-string noodlers. I enjoy both programs because they expose me to musicians I’d almost certainly never get to hear otherwise.

Today’s song appeared on a recent episode of Songwriters Across Australia. When I heard it I thought “That’s a fun song – I reckon that could go on the blog quite successfully.”

Here ’tis:

Fiztroy Xpress – “Samantha” (2000)

Fitzroy Xpress official website
Fiztory Xpress on Facebook
indigiTUBE (where I found the video)
Guitar Gods And Masterpieces YouTube channel

3 Responses to Song of the day: Fitzroy Xpress – "Samantha"

  1. stonefish55 says:

    A fun song indeed – and it reminds me so strongly of some other song that I just cannot quite grasp. In the words of Rodney Rude – I hate that!!

  2. Peter says:

    Me, too, Stoneforgetter. I know exactly where you're comin' from. It riles my giblets when I hear music and I'm reminded of something but can't quite put my finger what that something is. Grrr!

  3. Peter says:

    But I do remember your invaluable help in solving The Mystery of The Song by The Afternoons. Much obliged, Stonerememberer.

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