Song of the day: The Genuine Fakes – "Time Is Slight"

Swedish power-poppers The Genuine Fakes contacted me the other day and asked if I wouldn’t mind mentioning their new mini-album. I had a listen to it, enjoyed it, and thought “A-OK, baby.”

I must admit that this is a very lazy post for me because I didn’t have to grab any MP3s, or even write any nonsense about the music – the text and music had already been prepared. All I have to do is present you with what the band showed me. Easy. (Thanks, guys!)

The Mini-Album

The Blurb


The Genuine Fakes is the new hope of powerpop in Sweden. The critically acclaimed debut The Striped Album was released earlier this year, and now the time has come for a follow-up EP; Liner Notes.


The debut album from the Swedish powerpop outfit enjoyed raving reviews all over. It was a fierce debut with high energy pop songs and memorable hooks. It made many Top 10 lists in the blogosphere in a year that saw new releases from bands such as The Posies and Teenage Fanclub. Even pop veteran Ken Stringfellow himself was impressed by the album: “The Genuine Fakes are proof of Sweden’s seemingly inexhaustible font of pop genius. Hitting all the right marks, they walk you thru the major required classes in the school of pop – chime, harmony, sparkle, and melody 101… surely these guys are on their way to being tenured professors in pop’s university.”


Only six months after The Striped Album was released the band went back into the studio to start work on the next one. Productive as they are, they also had a batch of songs left over from the debut album sessions that for different reasons didn’t make it onto the album. “We strove for a certain vibe on the album,” lead singer Joey Fake says. “We had these tunes that just felt like they were a bit too different to be included, but we also felt that they were far too good not to put out.”

Liner Notes is what became of those tracks. Most of the songs have already been put out on different versions of The Striped Album – some on a bonus CD in the US and some as bonus tracks on the Japanese edition and one on a Posies tribute album. But there’s also a brand new track called “Blind Commitment” that was finished just last week during the recording of the second album. All the previously released songs have been re-mixed and re-mastered and will now enjoy a worldwide digital release. The band hired Anders Hellgren of Merrymakers fame to do the mastering and the result is an organic sounding EP, showcasing another more dynamic and sometimes even tender side of the band.


Except for the six original compositions, the EP also contains two homages to two of the band’s main influences. “Metal Sky” was originally written and recorded by Andreas Mattsson of Popsicle fame, and what was initially a ballad-like, acoustic number is in The Genuine Fakes’ rendition a powerpop/punk explosion. “Somehow Everything” is a revamped Posies song which was first released on Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited a few years ago. Liner Notes sums up the band’s first years and marks the end of the beginning. The next full length album is expected to be released in 2012.

The EP can be bought starting tomorrow through and will soon be [is probably now] available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

A Mini-Review of the Mini-Album

After listening to Liner Notes a couple of times, and then having another listen to their previous album, I reckon this new EP isn’t as heavy as their previous album, and has a bit more country-rock in it.

The Previous Album


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