Song of the day: The Liarbirds – "Chewing Gum"

The Liarbirds are a Greek band (not a Greek chorus) with a new album that was recently reviewed over at the Absolute Powerpop blog (Hi, APP!). The album is called Allegedly, and Mr. Absolute liked it which was reason enough for me to investimigate*. I had a listen and I enjoyed the first track, but that was about it. (I didn’t care much for the other songs.)

Ah well. I like that first track, though.

The Liarbirds – “Chewing Gum” (2011)

A Greek band

A Greek chorus

A creepy Greek chorus

Liarbirds from Greece

Liarbirds from America

Lyrebirds from Australia

Buy Allegedly at CD Baby
The Liarbirds on MySpace
The Liarbirds on Facebook

(*I’m afraid that due to the influence of The Simpsons, I often insert a “mi” in words when I speak nowadays. I’ll say “investimigate”, “complimicate” etc. And it’s all because of this. Curse you, popular culture!)


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