Song of the day: The Numbers – "Mr President"

Here are The Numbers with “Mr President”:

The Numbers – “Mr President” (1980)


I do want to point out that given the current shenanigans in American politics, posting this song here is in no way a political statement by me. (I’m apolitical – especially when it comes to the politics of a country I don’t live in.) Plus, I don’t think that The Numbers were singing about the current state of American politics (unless they knew what was going to happen in America 31 years after they recorded it).

Incidentally, I think the chorus of “Mr President” contains an awful rhyming couplet:

“You’re running for president, you’re not even a resident.”

That doesn’t make any sense to me.

In their defence though, I guess there aren’t that many words you can rhyme with “president”. Precedent? Prescient? How about Pepsodent?

Actually, despite that dreadful rhyming couplet I’m glad I played you “Mr. President” because its title reminded me of another “president” song, one that I adore. I’ll play that tomorrow.

The Numbers on MySpace

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