Song of the day: Deep Sea Arcade – "Lonely In Your Arms"

Here’s a new Australian band I saw (and heard) by chance the other day on Australian television music program Rage. It’s wonderfully retro:

Deep Sea Arcade – “Lonely In Your Arms (2009)

I like that. A lot. (Even though the singer sounds disconcertingly like Billy Corgan.)

Here’s another one of their songs:

Yep. Retro Plus.

I’m looking forward to buying their album when it’s released.

Potentially Uninteresting Sidenote: as far as I can tell, Deep Sea Arcade is not related to an arcade band from Canada, an arcade band from America, or an arcade band from America in the 1990s.

Deep Sea Arcade on MySpace
Deep Sea Arcade on Facebook
Deep Sea Arcade on Twitter
Deep Sea Arcade on Ivy League Records
Deep Sea Arcqade at Triple J Unearthed

4 Responses to Song of the day: Deep Sea Arcade – "Lonely In Your Arms"

  1. Curty Ray says:

    At least he doesn't look like Billy Corgan. Great find!

  2. pplist says:

    You might enjoy this one I posted by them last year. Glad you like them, too.

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks, Curty Ray, but I didn't find it – it found me. A few days ago I walked into the lounge room, turned on the TV and changed the channel to the one that plays Rage. A song was finishing (some ghastly doof-doof thing with rapping), and the next one just happened to be that Deep Sea Arcade track. Serendipity! Happenstance! Splendidness!

  4. Peter says:

    Much obliged, pplist. Another Deep Sea Arcade song for me to hear. To the Internet!

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