Song of the day: Procol Harum – "Conquistador"

This may sound like a disclaimer, but I’m afraid that today’s song won’t be Australian. I was all set to play you an Australian song on this (supposedly) Australian blog, but I got sidetracked*. (Getting sidetracked is something I do regularly. Curse this short attention span!)

The reason for today’s non-Australian-ness is Power Pop blog contributor Steve Simels (hi, Steve!). A couple of days ago Steve posted a track by Procol Harum, and that reminded me of my favourite Procol Harum track. The first time I ever heard it was on a jukebox in a pub. In amongst all the pleasant Top 40 songs on that jukebox was this:

Procol Harum – “Conquistador” (live) (1972)


It blew my mind.

Here’s the studio version:

Procol Harum – “Conquistador (1967)


And a couple of filmed performances:

2006 (with orchestra)

1977 (no orchestra)

(*Pun fully intended.)

2 Responses to Song of the day: Procol Harum – "Conquistador"

  1. stonefish55 says:

    Sorry Peter – doing a lot of catching up …

    Brilliant song and really enjoyed hearing it again. As a matter of fact, it “forced” me to drag out my “Portfolio” album and to have another listen to it. Thanks.

  2. Peter says:

    No problem, Stoneprogger. I liked the video of that 2006 performance of “Conquistador” so much that I bought the DVD it came from. (Procol Harum in Concert with The Danish National Concert Orchestra & Choir.) If the rest of the concert is anywhere near as enjoyable as “Conquistador”, I'll be a happy camper.

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