Musical coincidences # 151

After Steve Simels over at the Power Pop blog (Hi, Steve!) unwittingly prompted me to remember a Procol Harum song I hadn’t heard in years, it caused a bit of a chain reaction. As I listened to (and enjoyed) that song again after a long time of not listening to it, it prompted me to seek out a whole lot more Procol Harum to find out what I’d been missing in the last few decades. (I’d only ever heard a few songs here and there, and have never heard any of their albums.) As a result, I’m now in a moderately large Procol Harum phase and playing catch-up with their back catalogue. I’m also considering buying a Procol Harum DVD. (It looks good, and it has a great version of “Conquistador” on it, and the DVD’s only $10. Should I buy it?*)

At the end of my Procol Harum Quest™ I’ll be in a better position to say whether I’ll be thanking Mr. Simels, or shaking my head in disbelief and saying “Oh, Steve, why did I ever read that post of yours?”.

But in the meantime, one of the Procol Harum songs I hadn’t heard before but have now (thanks, Internet!) is “Homburg“. Here’s how the verse starts:

Procol Harum – “Homburg (1967) (excerpt)


That sounded familiar to me. It sounded a lot like:

Alice Cooper – “Only Women Bleed” (1975) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Procol Harum – “Homburg (1967)


Alice Cooper – “Only Women Bleed” (1975) (excerpt)


(*Update: I just bought it.)

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