Song of the day: Sun Theory – "How You Feel"

Nepotism Alert!

My brother (Hi, Anthony!) has a new band. One of the advantages of having a blog is that it allows me to let you know that my brother has a new band.

That guitar-playin’ brother o’ mine was in a band called COW. They played Americana, made three albums, and then decided they wanted to change their music direction a little. So they renamed themselves Sun Theory and that’s what I’m pestering you with today. So it’s not COW anymore, it’s Sun Theory. Musically, it’s still Americana – sort of. To my ears, it’s a wee bit moodier than COW, so I guess that’s the change they made.

Here’s the mini-bio that accompanies their album. It tells the story more succinctly than my effort above:

“Sun Theory is the latest project from a band of well-established songwriters and musicians [my brother’s one of them – woohoo!] from Adelaide, Australia. [Hey – that’s where I live, too.] They made 3 albums under the name COW. In the process of writing and recording songs for a new album, the band sensed a change in musical direction and felt the time was right to reinvent themselves. The result is this collection of 13 songs under their new name, Sun Theory.”

Here’s a track from that collection of 13 songs:

Sun Theory – “How You Feel” (2011)

[My brother is the chap with the black guitar. Go bro, go!]

Some people with my brother.

Sun Theory on Bandcamp
Sun Theory on Facebook
Sun Theory on MySpace


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