Song of the day: Joe Giddings – "Christmas Morning"

I know that it’s around about approximately Christmas time (shops and TV ads started telling me that halfway through November), and I love Christmas (the colours! the carols!), but I must admit that I’m not much of a Christmassin’ blogger. Although there’s an unbelievably large amount of Christmas songs that can be posted (it’s incredible how many musicians write and/or record Christmas-themed songs), I’ve never quite gotten into the habit of posting Christmas rock songs during December. I suppose I could say that because lots and lots of other blogs do it very well, anything I’d do would be pretty redundant. (That can be my “official reason” for not posting squillions of Christmas songs at Christmas time.)


I recently posted a medley of jingles (jingles, not jingle bells) by musician Joe Giddings. The wonderfully friendly Joe (Hey, Joe!*) left a comment, mntioning that he has a Christmas song. I had a listen to it, enjoyed it, and thought “OK, I can put that on the blog”. I also thought that once I’d done that, all I needed to do was to find one more Christmas song to put on the blog and then I can tell people ‘Yes, I have Christmas songs on my blog…”

So, here for your Yuletide entertainment is an enjoyable song. I’m pretty confident that you’ll find it enjoyable. But if you don’t, I’ll come to the conclusion that you don’t like:

  • Vocal harmonies; or
  • Christmas; or
  • Joe Giddings

Joe Giddings – Christmas Morning” (2011)


Joe Giddings – “Christmas Morning (2011)

Joe Giddings on Facebook
Joe Giddings on Soundcloud
Joe Giddings on ReverbNation
Joe Giddings on Bandmix
Joe Giddings on Hyped Sound

(*Awful pun intended.)


3 Responses to Song of the day: Joe Giddings – "Christmas Morning"

  1. side3 says:

    Great Christmas video by the kids band The Hipwaders…sort of like Buddy Holly fronting XTC:

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, side3: Thanks for letting me know about The Hipwaders' video of “Yes, It's Christmas”. I listened to it, and I must admit that as I was listening, I wasn't thinking of either Buddy Holly or XTC. As soon as the singing started, I was thinking of REM — and then I had a lot of trouble trying not to imagine Michael Stipe as the frontman of The Hipwaders.

  3. side3 says:

    Hmm…I can see where you are coming from!

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