Song of the day: David Myhr – "Boom Boom Beat"

This post is slightly complicated, so I’ll let the artist himself explain what’s what (and what’s not) involving a couple of bonus tracks on his new album, Soundshine:

[Posted December 5]

Video from the recording of the Japan-only bonus track “Boom Boom Beat”

With only two days left to the world premiere release of my album Soundshine in Japan [N.B.: it was released on December 7] I am happy to share with you a glimpse from the recording of an exclusive Japan-only bonus track called “Boom Boom Beat”.

It was originally written for Puffy [see below] so this is my “cover version”. (First time ever I make a cover of my own song!)

The basic tracks were recorded at the drummer Andreas Dahlbäck‘s Durango Recording in Stockholm together with Rikard Lidhamn on bass and Anders Pettersson on guitar, and vocal overdubs and mix were made at Marcus Black’s Jelly Road Studio also in Stockholm. On this track I am fortunate enough to have Puffy themselves contributing background vocals (thank you so much Puffy!!!). Their vocals were recorded in Tokyo and unfortunately I didn’t have the possibility to ‘stop by’ and capture that moment with my iPhone (which is the case with the rest of the material). So the video will be somewhat male-dominated. Anyway – hope you like it!

The only place that you can get hold of “Boom Boom Beat” is on the Japanese version of Soundshine which will be released on Dec 7, 2011, on Thistime Records.

More about the Japanese release, the original version of Boom Boom Beat, and links to an interview about my songwriting for Puffy in this previous blog post.


And from the post that David mentioned (i.e., “this previous blog post”):

The Japanese version of the album will have of two bonus tracks. Both are songs that I originally wrote for the phenomenal and famous Japanese artist duo called Puffy (a.k.a. PuffyAmiYumi). The first one is an exclusive “for Japan only” song called “Boom Boom Beat” [see above].

The second bonus track is called “Record Collection” and it’s a song I’ve written together with the extremely talented and succesful Swedish songwriter Peter Kvint who I had the pleasure to get to know during a songwriting camp in Tokyo a couple of years ago. Puffy released it earlier this year as their 15th anniversary song which was kind of logical since in their version it was called “Happy Birthday”.

So in some funny way my new versions will by “covers” of my own songs. Confusing indeed! I had a lot of fun returning to the songs again, and recording them in my own way and the best thing is that Ami and Yumi from Puffy were kind enough to lend their vocal services adding some background vocals to these versions so the two bonus tracks will be “David Myhr feat. Puffy”.

More about my songwriting for Puffy in an interview from 2009 in a Puffy fan site called PuffyAmiYumiWorld.

For those in the rest of the world who are very eager to hear the album, or are in desperate need for the ultimate Christimas gift – please feel free to investigate the possibilities of international orders either from Thistime Records Onlinestore or here at CD Japan. But rest assured that there will be a European release in the spring of 2012. To stay tuned for updates, just subscribe to this blog and “like” my Facebook page.


David Myhr official website
David Myhr on Facebook
David Myhr on MySpace
David Myhr at Bandcamp


4 Responses to Song of the day: David Myhr – "Boom Boom Beat"

  1. FD13NYC says:

    Hi Peter, how've you been? Where's the Divshare to download? This is a tease. Either that, or could you please send me the mp3s of the song by both artists, Myhr and Puffy? Much appreciated!

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, FD13NYC: It's been aaaaaages — and it's great to hear from you again.

    I must admit that I didn't even think of MP3s for any of the tracks.

    At the moment, those two David Myhr songs are only available on the Japanese release of his new album, Soundshine. I haven't gotten around to buying the album yet. I will buy it (because I like very much what I've heard so far), but I'm not keen on paying the current full price for the Japanese import.

    As for Puffy, I'll see what I can rustle up. Stay tuned!

  3. Another good post. FYI, I wrote a guest article for 12Most, “12 Most Groovy Power Pop Websites,” and you're on it at #4! Hope you enjoy. Twitter @downpourblue

  4. Peter says:

    Much obliged, Marlene. I feel chuffed* to be in the company of those other bloggers (some of whom I must admit I hadn't heard of before — but I have now.)

    Actually, I'm just thrilled to be on that list!

    (*”Chuffed” = “extremely pleased”.)

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