Song of the day: Washington – "The Monkey Dance"

For some reason I can’t figure out, somebody somewhere decided to make a tribute album to The Wiggles. Yes, The Wiggles. A number of Australian musicians (20 to be precise) contributed their versions of Wiggles songs to the project, and the result was released last month. I’m still slightly mystified as to why somebody would think of compiling a Wiggles tribute album. Despite a few tracks that I’d quite cheerfully put on the what-were-they-thinking pile, it’s a lot o’ fun. I really like this one:

Washington – “The Monkey Dance” (2011)


And here’s the original:

The Wiggles – “The Monkey Dance” (1994)


The Wiggles – The Monkey Dance by dcelano

And the original original:

The Cockroaches – “Do The Monkey (1994)


2 Responses to Song of the day: Washington – "The Monkey Dance"

  1. stonefish55 says:

    Hmmmm – I've been considering a post for Megan Washington, whom I'm thinking must be the Washington in your post (sounds like her voice) – but I never suspected for a moment that she'd done a Wiggles cover. I can't say that it tickles my fancy as much as it does yours, but it's certainly better than the awful Wiggles' version (maybe I'm just not young enough to enjoy it).

    I was recently listening to the Cockroaches' Greatest Hits and this song appeared (didn't make my ipod) – so since the Wiggles evolved from that band, I guess it's no surprise that they reworked it.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, Stonewiggler: Megan Washington is indeed the same Washington who goes by the stage name “Washington”.

    (To me, this single-name thing is pointless. Maybe someone told her it would be a great idea to use just one name, but she'll only end up being one of the many singers who use one name.)

    I think Megan is a wonderful singer. Unfortunately, I also think her current style of music (techno-ish) tends to obscure her vocal talents.

    You can hear Megan Washington's vocals on their own in the two times she's appeared on the TV music quiz show Spicks And Specks.

    Behold the glory of Megan Washington's voice:

    Spicks and Specks – October 21, 2009
    Spicks and Specks – July 28, 2010

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