Song of the day: Killing Joke – "Seeing Red"

Here’s a track that, when I first heard it on the radio (thanks to Three D Radio), made me think “Wow – music still can have the power to sound genuinely threatening”:

[Tip: maximum volume = maximum effect.]

Killing Joke – “Seeing Red” (2003)


And if that wasn’t intense enough for you:

Killing Joke – “The Death & Resurrection Show” (2003)


No? How about:

Killing Joke – “Total Invasion” (2003)


One of my favourite rock quotes, and one that sums up Killing Joke’s world view perfectly, comes from lead singer Jaz Coleman. Killing Joke were playing at a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament rally, and before the band launched into “Wardance” Jaz said this to the crowd:

“I hope you realise that your efforts today are all quite futile.”


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