Song of the day: The Who – "Sparks" (live)

A few days ago, Facebook Friend Curt (Hi, Curt!) posted some ultra-rare* footage of The Who‘s 1970 gig at the University of Leeds which ended up on record as Live At Leeds. Apparently, this the only known footage of that gig in existence:

But that’s not today’s song.

That previously ultra-rare* footage reminded me of The Who’s performance of “Sparks” at Woodstock, and that’s what I want to play you today.

I was going to waffle on about how great I think the Woodstock version of “Sparks” is, but the booklet that comes with the DVD of The Kids Are Alright sums it up for me quite nicely:

Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Bethel, New York, August 17, 1969
The instrumental following the song ‘Amazing Journey‘ from Tommy was the source of what were arguably The Who’s greatest live performances. In this clip from the Woodstock Festival, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon give a lesson on how music built around ‘power and volume’ can reach into the realm of art.

Amen, brother.

The Who – “Sparks (live) (1969)


(*Because it’s on YouTube, it’s no longer ultra-rare.)

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