Musical coincidences # 168

I was sauntering about the Internet t’other day when I came across the video of ELO’s “10538 Overture” on YouTube. (See below.)

As I was enjoying it, I spotted a few comments that mentioned Paul Weller and a song of his called “The Changingman”. The comments weren’t complimentary.

So, off I went to have a listen to Paul Weller’s “The Changingman”.

Now I can see why the comments weren’t complimentary:

(Note: You only need to play the introductions of each song to realise why ELO fans are shirty with Paul Weller.)

The Electric Light Orchestra – “10538 Overture (1971)


Paul Weller – “The Changingman” (1995)


Admittedly that’s fairly blatant, but it’s not the only instance of that particular chord progression being bandied about in rock songs. Something rather similar was used by Cream in the verses of “White Room“:

Cream – “White Room (1968) (excerpt)


Cream – “White Room (1968) (full)


But I reckon all of those, and every other song that uses the same chord progression, can be traced back to…

The Beatles – “Dear Prudence (1968)



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