What you can do (if you really wanted to) with 12 guitars

I found this on a design website called Colossal and was gobsmacked:

Yoshihiko Satoh Turns the Guitar Volume Up to 12

Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh takes mass-produced goods and alters or multiplies them to “unleash the energy residing in their function and shape”. Or, simply speaking, he multiplies them by awesome. His guitar sculptures are by far his most impressive works, however hes also experimented with exaggerated length in irons, toy trucks, and even functional mopeds. His latest work is on exhibit at Roentgenwerke AG in Tokyo through August 27. (via lustik and wonderful opportunity)

And there are plenty more “Huh?” photos here.

Up until now, I’d thought that Rick Nielsen had the most impressive multi-necked guitar:

(Rick Nielsen photo pinched from Retro Rebirth.)


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