Song of the day: Split Enz – "How Can I Resist Her"

Look, I’m terribly sorry about this but I’m still* in an enormous Split Enz phase, listening and re-listening to their entire back catalogue, as well as all the associated solo Finn music and spin-off bands (Crowded House, The Swingers, Schnell Fenster et al).

I’ll try very, very hard to make this the last Split Enz post for a long time. (Well that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. After all, this is an Australian power pop blog, not a Split Enz blog.)

As I was listening to True Colours again after a decade or so of not hearing it, I was struck by how one song in particular could quite easily pass for a decent power pop song – especially if you didn’t know it was from Split Enz:

Split Enz – “How Can I Resist Her” (1980)


To me, that’s a mighty good power pop song from 1980 – regardless of who recorded it.

(*And it’s all because of this book.)


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