Song of the day: Field Music – "A New Town"

I was all set to play you a swag of Australian songs this week (I already have posts ready to go that feature very Australian songs), but before that I’m going to sneak in a song by Field Music. It’s because I’ve finally gotten around to listening to the band’s latest album, Plumb.

Although I had pre-ordered Plumb, and the little beastie arrived a couple of weeks ago (thanks for the prompt delivery, Memphis Industries!), I hadn’t heard it until now because I’d been in the grip of a huge Split Enz phase. I decided to exert some willpower and have a break from my Enzarama by listening to Plumb. (The CD was sitting on my desk for all that time, just looking at me, and not being played. What could I do?)

Now that I’ve heard it, I can give you a mini-review of Plumb:

It’ll stretch your brain.

I’m going to designate today as Field Music Day*, because the band appears in both of today’s posts – this Song of the day and the latest Musical coincidence (see below).

To celebrate Field Music Day, here’s a song from Plumb:

Field Music – “A New Town (2012)

“A New Town” is available on Field Music’s website (and for free – woohoo!). Apparently, the song has been available there for quite a while (making this post pretty redundant). I didn’t know about it because as soon as I pre-ordered Plumb I studiously avoided seeing or hearing anything associated with it until I had the album and could hear it in its entirety.

Incidentally, the Field Music chaps said in an interview that the album cover was inspired by artist Edward Ruscha‘s Standard Station, which looks a little like this:

(From The Museum of Modern Art)

It looks to me like it might have also inspired this album artwork by Australian band The Valery Trails:

Or maybe not.

Field Music official website
Field Music on Facebook
Field Music on Twitter
Memphis Industries

(*As opposed to Field Day, a splendid album by Marshall Crenshaw.)


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