Song of the day: The Librettos – "Kicks"

Here’s an Australian band with an America song containing a very strong “JUST SAY YES NO TO DRUGS” * sentiment:

The Librettos – “Kicks (1966)


“Kicks” was originally recorded by Paul Revere & The Raiders in 1966, the same year as the one by The Librettos. The song has been covered plenty of times over the years, but the year of its birth was the most fruitful as it brought forth no less than four recorded versions – three American and one Australian (see above).

Here are the other three versions from 1966 (with one of them being a surf rock instrumental – twang!):

Paul Revere & The Raiders – “Kicks (1966)


Del Shannon – “Kicks (1966)


The Challengers – “Kicks (1966)


(*If you were an interior designer with strong views, you could adapt that phrase to: “Just Say No To Rugs”.)

2 Responses to Song of the day: The Librettos – "Kicks"

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Monkees also covered it, though belatedly in the 1980s. Their version was eminently forgettable.

  2. Peter says:

    I agree completely, Anonymous. If anyone wants to hear what the 80's did to The Monkees, the song is here.

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