Song of the day: Scott Goes For – "Take Enough Time"

I have a new pop hero:

Scott Goes For – “Take Enough Time” (2012)

And not because the band name contains my last name (that’s purely coincidental).

Everything about that song (and the band) ticks all my power pop boxes:

  • Immaculate songcraft
  • Fabulous melodies
  • Quality singing
  • Superb (and tastefully restrained) vocal harmonies
  • Wonderfully appropriate instrumental backing
  • Perfectly chosen musical instruments*


Now to buy the album.

Oh, by the way: I want to give a thoroughly huge thanks to Powerpopaholic for alerting me to this band, because I didn’t know about them until I paid my daily visit to PPA’s blog. As people in Australia (and elsewhere) like to say: you’re a scholar and a gentleman!

As a bonus, here’s the band’s only other video:

I’ve heard just those two songs, but I’m ready to state the following: this band can do no wrong.

Official website
Buy Scott Goes For at This Time Records

(*The bass guitar is a Rickenbacker which is my favourite for power pop, and the six-strings are Gibson Les Pauls – yum.)

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