Song of the day: Mother Goose – "You Love Me"

I was debating with myself whether or not to play you today’s song. When I first listened to it I thought “Hmm, this is a pretty ordinary song”, but then the vocal harmonies in the chorus hit me and I thought “Wow, they’re gorgeous”.

So, courtesy of gorgeous vocal harmonies* here’s New Zealand band Mother Goose:

Mother Goose – “You Love Me” (1977)


(*And Ozzie Music Man, who had the song. Thanks, Ozzie!)


6 Responses to Song of the day: Mother Goose – "You Love Me"

  1. stonefish55 says:

    Mother Goose – well Craig Johnston and his mates were a band to behold live on stage, but their studio music was errr – well – ummm – no other way to say it – it was just crap!!! I'm glad that you can hear some gorgeous vocal harmonies my friend, because I couldn't get into it at all. I have a pretty good collection of their songs and I'm afraid that other than “Baked Beans,” which I find to be slightly amusing, I often wonder why I hung on to any of their music at all. I remember when I was surfing at Burleigh Heads with my regular surfing mates and we saw them play at The Playhouse a couple of times and they seemed to be the ants pants when they were on stage and we'd sit around afterwards, have a few beers and wonder why they couldn't translate their live efforts to the recording studio.

    Sorry to be so negative, but they should never have put their music onto vinyl!!! That's my opinion anyway.

  2. Mr Tanner says:

    Hi Stonefish, I sort of agree. Craig certainly didn't have the typical pop voice, but the one track that I remember (apart from Baked Beans) was “I Can't Sing Very Well” which when it first starts you have to agree with but make yourself listen to the track in its entirety and it is in fact a beautiful love song (Ahh Shuucks).

    Mr Tanner

  3. stonefish55 says:

    G'day Mr T,

    You know, I think you've hit the nail on the head – Craig just didn't have a great singing voice (my spin on the way you more kindly put it), but he was the epitome of what a shomwan was all about. The whole band were excellent showmen really.

    I couldn't remember the song that you mentioned (possibly repressed MG memory) but I dug it out and had a listen. I agree that it's actually a fine song and just wish it'd been sung by someone with a half decent voice. But it does actually sound as though Craig was having a shot at himself with those lyrics – which would be typical of the fun those guys used to have!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Guys, Steve Young won an APRA Silver Scroll for his composition “I cant sing very well”.

    Cheers, Mal

  5. Peter says:

    Hey, Mal: Thanks for letting us know.

    I must admit that when I saw the phrase “APRA Silver Scroll” I thought it had something to do with a fantasy tale. (“I am Grondor, and I am guardian of the APRA Silver Scroll. Who here will wrest it from my hands?” etc.)

    But then I pestered Wikipedia and found out that it's a well-established award thingy for Australia and New Zealand.

    Thanks again, young Mal.

  6. stonefish55 says:

    Gidday Mal ….

    Not exactly sure, just yet, what an APRA Silver Scroll award is (will check it out after I finish typing) but I actually have no problem with the song itself – I don't think it's half bad at all – but apart from the possibility that Craig is taking the mickey out of himself, I just don't think that he sings it very well.

    Good song – pretty poor singing! Not that I could do it any better …..

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