Song of the day: Ray Brown And The Whispers – "(Ain’t It) Strange"

May 31, 2012

I heard today’s song on the radio yesterday and thought:

“I like that. I’d like it on the blog so other people can like it, too. Or they may not like it. Never mind. Beat music from the Sixties isn’t to everyone’s taste. So there’s no guarantee that whoever listens to is going to think it’s as groovy as I do. But that’s OK. You can’t expect everyone to like what you put on the blog. And another thing: Why are you having this silly internal conversation?”

Ray Brown And The Whispers – “(Ain’t It) Strange (1966)


And here’s the original:

The Uniques – “Strange (1966)


I’d like to state for the record* that I think “The Uniques” is a great name for a 1960s band.

(*Pun unfortunately intended.)

Musical coincidences # 251

May 30, 2012

My friend Stonefish (Hi, Stoney!) recently posted on his blog a couple of songs by a band called Fools For Rowan.

One of the songs starts like this:

Fools For Rowan – “It’s Alright” (2009) (excerpt 1)

And it was the first four notes – these four notes…

Fools For Rowan – “It’s Alright” (2009) (excerpt 2)

…that piqued my interest, because they instantly reminded me of:

The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun (1969) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

Fools For Rowan – “It’s Alright” (2009)

The Beatles – “Here Comes The Sun (1969)

I would like to thank both Stonefish and Fools For Rowan for reminding me of “Here Comes The Sun”.

Song of the day: The Corner Laughers – "Twice The Luck"

May 30, 2012

Speaking of psychedelic-neo-baroque-power-pop, I recently received the CD of The Corner LaughersPoppy Seeds in the mail. (It arrived here in Australia only a couple of weeks after I bought it. Thanks, band! I like it when you give musicians money and they give you music.)

To celebrate*, here’s one reason I bought the little critter:

(Beware: If you’re allergic to “twee”, you may want to visit a different blog today.)

The Corner Laughers – “Twice The Luck (2012)

Oh, I’ve just discovered that in a lovely bit of happenstance Powerpopaholic has posted a review of Poppy Seeds (and scored it 9 out of 10 – Woohoo!).

(*I was going to say “commemorate”, but that might be too official a word to use just to play a song on a blog.)

Musical coincidences # 250

May 29, 2012

Today’s Song of the day is the rather splendid “Prince Of Thieves” by Skeleton Staff. Its rhythm is based on this:

Skeleton Staff – “Prince Of Thieves (2011) (excerpt)

And the rhythm of “Like Wow – Wipeout!” by the Hoodoo Gurus is based on this:

Hoodoo Gurus – “Like Wow – Wipeout! (1985) (excerpt)

Yes indeedy.

Here are the full versions:

Skeleton Staff – “Prince Of Thieves (2011)

Hoodoo Gurus – “Like Wow – Wipeout! (1985)

Song of the day: Skeleton Staff – "Prince of Thieves"

May 29, 2012

It’s been aaaaages since I played you a Skeleton Staff song.

Time to rectify:

Skeleton Staff – “Prince Of Thieves (2011)


Incidentally – and this doesn’t have much to do with anything interesting – I was a bit late with today’s post because of a mishap that prevented me from having access to the Internet for a while. The modem cable broke yesterday so I had to nip off to a shop and get a new cable. (It may or may not have been pet-rabbit-related. I didn’t see the cable break, so I can’t really blame the rabbit. Unless it was the rabbit.*)

(*Even if it was, I can’t be angry at Alice. I mean, look at her:

How can I be angry at that?)

Official website

Song of the day: Raspberries – "Play On"

May 28, 2012

There I was, enjoying my Sunday (Note to self: It’s not just your Sunday, Peter – it’s everyone else’s, too) when I suddenly realised: “Gah! I don’t have a song for the blog on Monday! Quick! Think of a song! And stop using exclamation marks!”

Here’s the first thing that came into my head:

Raspberries – “Play On” (1974)



Now to think of a song for tomorrow…

Song of the day: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – "A Taste Of Honey"

May 27, 2012

You know, sometimes I think I don’t have enough Herb Alpert in my life:

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – “A Taste Of Honey (1965)


Do you have enough Herb* in your life?

Here’s the familiar version by those Beatles:

The Beatles – “A Taste Of Honey (1963)


Here’s the version The Beatles based their version on:

Lenny Welch – “A Taste Of Honey (1962)


And here’s the original:

Bobby Scott – “A Taste Of Honey (1960)


Bobby Scott – “A Taste Of Honey (Refrain)” (1960)


Bobby Scott – “A Taste Of Honey (Closing Theme)” (1960)


(*Double entendre fully intended.)

Song of the day: The Bowers – "Going To Love Me Now"

May 26, 2012

Here’s another Australian song introduced to me by an American blog. (Hi, Aaron!)

Today’s song is by a band called The Bowers, and they’re from Melbourne. They have a new album out called Odds Or Evens.

Although the album didn’t much for me (I’m not a huge fan of garage-y rock), I did like this track:

The Bowers – “Going To Love Me Now (2012)

If you want to hear the whole album, here ’tis:

Official website
Triple J Unearthed
Odds Or Evens review at Mess & Noise


By the way, I know of another album called Odds Or Evens. It’s by jazz fusion guitarist Mike Stern. I have it (and like it). Did you want to hear a bit of Mike Stern’s Odds Or Evens? No? Are you sure? Really? Well, I’ll play it anyway. You ever know…

Mike Stern – “Odds Or Evens” (1991)


Song of the day: The Wellingtons – "Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down"

May 25, 2012

I haven’t played you a song by The Wellingtons in quite a while. I don’t know what I was (not) thinking, omitting some prime Australian power pop on an Australian power pop blog.

OK, I’ll play you a song from their latest album, In Transit. But which one? They’re all worth playing. Hmm.

(Note to self: Pick a song, Peter, any song. Stop holding people up. They’ve come here to listen to some decent music, and they can’t because you’re taking too long deciding which song to play. JUST PICK ONE.)

Er, here’s a song by The Wellingtons:

The Wellingtons – “Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down” (2011)


The Wellingtons are everywhere:
On their official website
On Wikipedia
On Facebook
On MySpace
On Twitter
In England
On Soundcloud
On Bandcamp
On Audioleaf
On YouTube

Song of the day: Evening Grease – "Cos He Must Go"

May 24, 2012

I know I played you a song by the band-who-must-not-be-named only last week, but I have a huge urge to play you this track by them as well.

Of the two versions I’m presenting here today, I’d like to steer you in the direction of the live one. To explain why, I must warn you that I’m now going to go into Boring Bass Player mode…

I’m a bass player, and for me one of the best things about the live version of this song is the bass in the choruses. The band’s bass player, Peter Gifford, doesn’t do anything fancy – it’s purely the sound that gets me excited. It’s a sound that makes me go “Wow”. (For anyone still reading this paragraph, the cavernous sound of that bass’s bottom end is due to a chorus effect.)

Oh, and there’s one other reason I love this song: the coda. (Or to use the technical term: “the bit at the end”). In the live version it starts at 3:33 (and in the studio, 3:46). I don’t know what it’s doing there at the end of the song, because it has absolutely nothing to do with what went before it, but I think it’s a great piece of music. (I actually think that little coda is one of the best tunes this band ever wrote.) Maybe it was a stray piece of music they had and didn’t want to waste, so they tacked it on the end of the song thinking: “We can put that there. Nobody will mind, will they?”

Evening Grease – “Cos He Must Go” (1985)