Song of the day: Michelle Branch – "Everywhere"

There are two competing Peters involved in today’s song.

One of the Peters is saying “Don’t you dare play that song to your readers, Peter. It’s just another slick, modern, generic pop song by someone who sounds like any one of the dozens of young females trying to appeal to the American tween market. It’s just another over-produced piece of pop pap. And it has so many annoying things about it. For example, those vocals in the verses – I think all the vocal idiosyncracies exhibited by the singer are just plain awful. All that inhaling and exhaling, it makes me cringe. And some of the words sound like they’re curling in upon themselves. It makes me cringe even more. And it’s not even a power pop song. I’m telling you: no-one reading your blog is going to be interested in this song.”

But the other Peter is saying “I see where you’re coming from – but for me this song is all about the chorus. It’s one of the best choruses I’ve heard in a modern pop song in, say, the last ten years. That chorus is something to behold. It’s a magnificent chorus. I know exactly what you mean about the vocal horrors – they bother me as well. But I can put up with all that vocal nonsense just for the chorus. That chorus!”

In the end, the chorus-loving Peter got to put the song on the blog. But the other Peter would still like to voice his objections.

Michelle Branch – “Everywhere (2001)



2 Responses to Song of the day: Michelle Branch – "Everywhere"

  1. fitzall says:

    Ah-ha… Always thought there were 2 Peters! I agree with the chorus-loving Peter in this instance.

    And as she's sung a couple of tracks with Santana (The Game Of Love & I'm Feeling You), she must have something.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, OneSize: I'm not usually that conflicted when considering the blogworthiness of any particular song. The standard criterion for me is: if I like it, it goes on the blog. Easy. Except in cases of songs that I love and loathe in almost equal measure. (See above post.) Then it gets tricky, as I spend way too much time pondering the pros and cons of posting a song I probably shouldn't be spending a lot of time pondering over. But at least you got to hear that glorious chorus.

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