Song of the day: Parched Automobile – "Timmy and Kirstonita"

Every time I used to try to play you a song by this Australian band I’d get a very unfriendly message from Blogger saying something along the lines of “Oi! Don’t play any songs by this band!”

I personally think that unfriendliness is a little unhelpful in letting people know about the band (or any band who has a similarly litigious record company).

I may be sailing a little close to the wind, so to speak, by attempting to play you another song of theirs, but I would like you to hear it. As with a recent post involving another lawyer-happy band, I’ll rename this band in the hope that suspicions aren’t aroused too much.

Here then is an Australian band I like a lot with a newish song that sounds very old-fashioned (think 1970’s):

Parched Automobile – “Timmy and Kirstonita” (2010)



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