Song of the day: Night-Time Unguent – "Fortunate Island"

Here’s a band that gets me into trouble whenever I mention their name. So I’m not going to mention their name. I’ll let the music do the talking:

Night-Time Unguent – “Fortunate Island (1981)


Below is a live version, and I strongly urge you to watch the video. It gives you a pretty good idea of why they were my favourite band of the 1980’s. Plus it has one of my all-time favourite filmed* moments in rock music. It occurs at 3:15 – but I must plead with you to watch the whole thing, as the low-key mid-section of the song builds and builds until that moment.

(*I think my all-time favourite is when Pete Townshend flies through the air in slow-motion as Roger Daltrey screams his lungs out in “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.)


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